Custom Tattoos

12-6.30 Tuesday~Saturday
Closed Sunday & Monday

The philosophy at Artifex is somewhat unique to the area and the tattoo industry as a whole. Our resident owner and artist, Chip Beam, does not do flash. His philosophy regarding flash is that, because it’s sold to thousands of shops across the country, and because it’s so generic, it doesn’t constitute art, nor can it allow for personal expression the way custom work can. Because of this, he works mainly from photographs, paintings, client’s ideas, which he often draws himself.
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"Our staff is friendly, dependable, & reliable, our facilities are clean, and our art is professional."

The name Artifex was chosen by Chip Beam for its latin meaning: artist. He believes that tattooing is a personal expression, and let's face it, a cool way to carry out that personal expression, a way that he says no one can ever take from you. Seems legit.

Some History

Apprenticed with Mike Lehto at Stiehl’s. Artifex started under Joan’s Custom in Athens, PA then moved to Vestal. After the Joan’s Custom crew returned to Athens, Chip Beam continued under the name Artifex, because he preferred the area.


Chip Beam has won 127 trophies from multiple tattoos shows across the country in the categories of Multiple Pieces of the Day, Best Large Color, and Best Large Gray Wash.


He’s written full articles in Tattoo, Tattoo Flash, Tattoo Savage, International Tattoo, and has had tattoos appear in fourteen different tattoo magazines. He’s had the pleasure of having his work featured on five covers including Tattoos for Women, International Tattoo, and several in Tattoo magazine.